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Lawyers Kristen M. Shannon in Virginia Beach goes to court to represent drivers charged with serious speeding offenses. The firm understands that while nobody is ever happy being pulled over for speeding, they would be even more upset if they realized at the time just how much Virginia Beach traffic tickets can end up costing drivers. When this realization hits, you will want to find out how you can possibly lower the overall cost of the incident. Your most viable option to do that is to hire a knowledgeable Virginia Beach traffic ticket lawyer who knows how to work with the judge to possibly get a reduction in the charges and corresponding costs.

Costs to drivers really add up

In recent years, Virginia has taken serious steps to discourage speeding in the state. A single Virginia Beach traffic ticket for speeding can now cost you in excess of $3000. There are numerous costs, both direct and indirect, that can really add up to a horrendous expense. A basic speeding ticket incurs:

  • A fine of $5 for every mile per hour you are driving over the speed limit
  • Court costs of $62
  • Three or more demerit points that can eventually cost you your drivers license
  • Insurance company notification, which can trigger a significant rate increase

But the situation becomes much more serious if you are facing reckless driving charges, which bring much more severe penalties.

Reckless driving charges incur additional penalties

Virginia laws allow a reckless driving charge if you are:

  • Driving more than 80 mph
  • Going 20 mph or more over the speed limit when you are caught
  • Driving too fast for conditions, which is often a judgment call
  • Engaging in other dangerous activities such as racing on the highway

Reckless driving brings criminal charges as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances and severity. In addition to the penalties that apply to regular Virginia Beach traffic tickets, you can incur a reckless driving surcharge of $350 per year for three years for a misdemeanor charge and $1000 per year for three years for a felony charge.

Time is money, too

These high out-of-pocket costs are not the only expenses that can result from a Virginia Beach traffic ticket. You may be required to attend a Driver Improvement Clinic at a time when you could otherwise be working. Although it is unusual, you may even be sentenced to jail time. And you may be disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle, which could cost you your livelihood.

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Your choice of Virginia Beach traffic ticket lawyers can make a significant difference to how much a speeding ticket will ultimately cost you. I strive to provide all clients with the level of representation I would expect if I were in their shoes. Contact Kristen M. Shannon today.

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