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Challenging Your DUI Case in Virginia

Getting arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Virginia is a very serious problem with potential consequences affecting your reputation, your pocketbook and even your freedom. is an offense the state of Virginia takes very seriously. If you or a loved one has been arrested on suspicion of DUI in the surrounding Virginia Beach area, you need legal representation by a focused drunk driving attorney in Virginia Beach.

At Chesapeake's Shannon & Bedois, P.C., I understand what is required for the police and prosecutors to make a drunk driving charge stick. There are numerous issues that can be raised to challenge these charges, but defendants must realize their need for knowledgeable drunk driving attorneys in Virginia Beach to act quickly in these cases. When you are arrested for drunk driving in Virginia, you have only five days to hire a lawyer.

Grounds for challenges

As a Virginia Beach drunk driving attorney, I can act to question the actions of the arresting officer and the methods that were used to determine how much you had been drinking and how much you were impaired. Grounds for challenges that could get the evidence thrown out of court include:

  • Lack of reasonable suspicion—if the officer who pulled you over cannot reasonably explain why his action was based on more than a hunch
  • Lack of probable cause—if the arresting officer didn't actually observe your driving or his observations and the results of sobriety testing done on the spot aren't sufficiently clear-cut
  • Faulty application of field sobriety tests—when strict standards of administration were not followed, invalidating the results
  • Problems with breath or blood tests—resulting from insufficient training of the administering officer or inadequate maintenance of the equipment
  • Testimony from a witness—such as a passenger, who can state that you had not been drinking

Seek help immediately

You may very well have grounds to challenge your DUI case, but do not try to go it alone. These are very serious charges that incur severe penalties, and there is strong public sentiment behind harsh enforcement. Focused Virginia Beach drunk driving attorneys provide the knowledgeable and forceful defense you need to challenge those charges.

Contact Shannon & Bedois, P.C.

Your choice of a Virginia Beach drunk driving attorney to represent you plays a vital role in the outcome of your DUI case. I strive to provide all clients with the level of representation I would expect if I were in their shoes in the surrounding Virginia Beach area. Contact the office of drunk driving attorney Kristen Shannon in Virginia Beach today for a free initial consultation regarding your DUI or criminal defense case.

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