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Common Questions about Traffic Tickets

How a traffic ticket lawyer can help you in Norfolk and elsewhere in southeastern Virginia

Receiving a Norfolk traffic ticket—or tickets anywhere in Virginia—can have significant repercussions, which is why it makes sense to seek legal advice from an experienced traffic attorney before deciding to handle your own case. The following are some common questions that show why individuals charged with a VA traffic violation should contact an experienced lawyer before taking action:

For advice regarding a traffic violation, contact attorney Kristen M. Shannon

Many individuals in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and throughout southeastern Virginia choose to handle their own traffic tickets without help from an experienced traffic attorney. But traffic ticket lawyers can play a vital role in your future as a licensed driver.

Contact traffic lawyer Kristen M. Shannon for the knowledgeable support you need. Visit us for a free initial consultation regarding your traffic case.

I just received a minor speeding ticket in Norfolk. Why should I take time from work to fight my case?
Even a minor speeding ticket can result in three demerit points. These points remain on your driving record for five years, giving you ample time to receive additional points for future violations.  It is worth taking the time to fight any traffic ticket in court, and retaining an experienced speeding ticket attorney who can often help keep your record clean.

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Why do points on my driving record matter?
Demerit points generally remain on your driving record from three to 11 years. Points can affect everything from your ability to keep your driving privileges to the price you pay for insurance. And some six-point charges, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, can result in felony convictions. For any traffic ticket, it costs nothing to schedule an initial consultation with traffic attorney Kristen M. Shannon to see how she can help.

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What kinds of charges result in higher points?
The Virginia demerit point system generally assigns more points for violations that could lead to serious accidents. The maximum of six points applies to such offenses as traveling at excessively high rates of speed, driving under the influence, and actions resulting in manslaughter. Habitual offenders can receive higher points, and commercial motor vehicle drivers are often subject to six-point offenses that remain permanently on their records. It can be vital to retain traffic ticket lawyers in these types of cases.

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Are some tickets more serious than others?
Naturally, any six-point violation is the most serious type of offense. And when a driving offense results in an accident with serious injuries in Norfolk or the surrounding area, drivers can face felony charges. In these cases, you may need traffic violation lawyers with criminal defense experience to help protect your rights.

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How can an attorney make a difference to my case?
No matter what type of traffic violation charge you face, you need to realize you are dealing with a form of criminal charges. In some cases, an attorney can provide advice on how to handle a ticket on your own.  More often, representation in court by skilled traffic violation lawyers can help keep your driving record clear or even help you retain your driving privileges.

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