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Virginia Beach Military Divorce Attorney

Any divorce involves challenges.  However, unlike civilian divorces, military divorces are even more complicated.  Specific laws come into play that civilian divorces do not involve.  At Shannon & Bedois, P.C., Kristen Shannon is a skilled military divorce attorney in Virginia Beach who can explain your rights.  From a legal standpoint and personally, as the wife of a career Naval Officer, she knows the pertinent laws and understand the military lifestyle.  You can rely on her skills, knowledge, and experience.

Special laws.  Special challenges.

Whether you are a military spouse or a civilian married to a military spouse every military marriage has its unique circumstances.  These laws may or may not apply to your situation:

  • Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Courts have the discretion to delay divorce proceedings for service members on active duty and for 60 days after active duty ends.
  • Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA). Under this act, a military member's pay may or may not be marital property depending on which state has jurisdiction over the divorce and what the state’s laws are.  One spouse establishing residence in one state and the other spouse in another can complicate military divorces.  As the name, USFSPA, suggests, in some cases, a former spouse may be entitled to a portion of military retirement benefits.  Military divorce attorneys in Virginia Beach can discuss whether and how the USFSPA applies to your situation.
  • Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP). The SBP is an annuity that covers former spouses by awarding them a portion of the ex-spouse's military pension when they divorce.  Without this protection, the former spouse could not receive pension benefits when the ex-spouse dies.  Even so, a Virginia Beach military divorce attorneys can help you with rights to coverage because it is not an automatic right and requires taking certain legal steps and obtaining court approval.

If you are a civilian divorcing a military spouse, you may stand to lose health and childcare benefits along with housing on a military base.  Seek legal help and find out what to expect.

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The military divorce lawyer you choose to represent you plays a vital role in the outcome of your case.  As your Virginia Beach military divorce attorney, I strive to provide you with the level of representation I would expect if I were in your shoes.  Contact me today for a free consultation about your military divorce case.


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