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A child support attorney can help when divorced parents in Virginia Beach area face financial changes

A divorce may be one of the biggest life changes many people experience, but it is certainly not the last change. Even after the final divorce decree, you or your former spouse can experience sudden financial changes, such as the following:

  • Loss of a job
  • Reduction or increase in wages or salary
  • Expenses arising from unexpected events, such as severe illness of one of your children
  • Reduction in child care expenses as children grow up
  • Cost of living increases
  • Incarceration

Neither spouse has a legal right to stop making payments or expect higher payments when financial circumstances change. You need to retain an experienced child support attorney to present your case in court. Virginia Beach attorneys Kristen M. Shannon and Erin Bedois have the skills and experience needed to help parents on either side of this vital issue.

Modification requires an experienced child support attorney

Under Virginia law, child support orders become res judicata when the divorce order is final.  This essentially means the provisions of the divorce decree are final—you cannot litigate a new agreement in court. However, the law recognizes that circumstances change and provides certain grounds for modifying child support obligations. With sufficient proof of a material change in facts or circumstances, it is possible to take the matter back to court to modify the most recent agreement.

The courts do not take modification requests lightly. Child support attorneys Kristen M. Shannon and Erin Bedois have the experience and legal knowledge needed to determine if you have a valid case—whether you need to initiate a modification request, or if your former spouse is requesting the change. They work with you to gather the necessary evidence to support your position, and effectively presents your case before the courts.

Child support solutions require experienced attorneys

The continued support of your children depends on knowledgeable help from a child support attorney who understands how the law applies throughout Virginia and who has the skills to help develop solutions regardless of unforeseen changes in the financial circumstances of either parent.

Contact child support attorneys Kristen M. Shannon and Erin Bedois for the knowledgeable and compassionate support you need in Virginia Beach area. They takes the time to help you explore all options to find the right approach for your specific situation. Visit us for a free initial consultation regarding your family law case.

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