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Thanks to the introduction of new programs designed to assist military marriages, 2010 was the first year to see military divorces level off following increases seen in the previous five years. Unfortunately, one year does not represent a trend.  Military families face special challenges that can lead to divorce. Military divorce lawyers Kristen M. Shannon and Erin Bedois understands the issues and has experience assisting couples in Virginia Beach and throughout southeastern Virginia unravel the maze of federal and state laws that apply in these difficult situations.

Couples considering military divorce need an attorney with specialized skills

When it comes to military divorce, federal law sets forth many rules in addition to those already established by the state of Virginia.  Experienced military divorce lawyers can help ensure couples in Virginia Beach or anywhere in Virginia adhere to these requirements, which include the following:

  • One spouse must reside or be stationed in Virginia
  • The spouse serving active duty must be personally served, or file a waiver if the divorce is uncontested
  • While property division follows Virginia law, military retirement benefits are calculated and divided in accordance with federal law
  • Child and spousal support awards must be 60 percent or less of the pay of the military member

Virginia law sets the grounds for a divorce, providing a no fault option or fault-based divorce in cases of adultery or sodomy, imprisonment, cruelty, or willful desertion and abandonment.

Military divorce solutions require experienced attorneys

Military divorce lawyers must have extensive experience meeting a combination of state and federal legal requirements. Divorcing military couples in Virginia Beach and throughout the state need to ensure their attorneys have experience in this specialized area of the law.

Contact military divorce attorneys Kristen M. Shannon and Erin Bedois for the knowledgeable and compassionate support you need. They takes the time to help you explore all options to find the right approach for your specific situation. Visit us for a free initial consultation regarding your family law case.

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