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Child Support Lawyers Helping Individuals in Virginia Beach and Throughout Southeastern Virginia

The issues pertaining to the custody and support of children have changed significantly through the years. At one time, the law favored mothers when determining custody and required fathers to pay child support. Now that either parent can be the primary wage earner or the primary caregiver, the law looks at the best needs of the children when making these decisions.  But one thing has not changed—determining the futures of the children is typically the most emotionally charged part of divorce. As an experienced child support lawyer, Kristin M. Shannon has the skills to help divorcing couples in Virginia Beach and throughout southeastern Virginia find the solutions that benefit the entire family.

Virginia Beach families can retain control over their child support and custody issues

When the courts decide child custody and support issues, they use a set of guidelines to choose the custodial parent and calculate child support based on the income and other financial circumstances of each parent. While the courts take care to focus on the best interests of the children, the fact is that parents understand their children better than the courts. When parents can work together to make these critical decisions, both children and parents are likely to fare better in their new lives.

Shannon & Bedois, P.C. has the skills and experience to help parents reach agreement even when the stress of divorce negotiations makes it difficult to see what is best for the children.  By using such techniques as divorce mediation or collaborative divorce—and potentially introducing family counselors and other professionals into negotiations—they can help parents work past their differences to find creative solutions that ensure both parents continue to meet their financial responsibilities while maintaining their relationship with the children.

Virginia Beach child support solutions require experienced lawyers

The future of your entire family depends on a knowledgeable child support lawyer who understands the applicable laws and has the skills to help develop solutions that ensure the best interests of your children.

Contact child support lawyers at Shannon & Bedois, P.C. for the knowledgeable and compassionate assistance you need. They takes the time to help you explore all options to find the right approach for your specific situation. Visit us for a free initial consultation regarding your family law case.

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